Lizardmen Update

Just a few pics of upcoming Lizardmen stuff.
In keeping with what was done with Dark Elves, a new unit of core plastics will be coming out (re: the Corsairs); the Temple Guard. Those were always my favorite models. Helmets made out of dinosaur skulls are pretty awesome. The Kroxigor and Terradon are metal.
- plastic Temple Guard, 10 per box, £12 / $25
- plastic Stegadon, 1 per box with options for all three variants, $40
- metal Kroxigor, 1 model per blister, $20
- metal Terradons, 1 model per blister, $17
- Barbed Razordon Hunting Party $25
- Scar Veteran wity army standard $15
- Tiktaq'To, Master of Skies $17
- Chakax, Eternity Warden $15
They're due out in February



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