Friday November 14 2008 Possibilidoom

Hey all. The big news today is that we're working on a HUGE terrain set-- a Tyranid hive ship terrain set. It's turning out really keen. More to come on that.

The Post Office has been closed on account of a massive computer crash. Packages are going out tomorrow from another city. Sorry for the delay.

I managed to paint up a unit of Dark Riders for my game with Mike Dunn tomorrow (which might not happen-- I have a ton of terrain to do still). Oh, and a sorceress. Her cloak was a custom build by Brigh and made out of a translucent material, which proberty I tried to preserve.

I am on the hunt for Aeronautica Imperialis bases. Does anyone have any for trade of purchase.
My favorite 40k army is Eldar.



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