Drool-tastic Ork Warboss on Mega-bike

No, there's not such a thing as a mega-bike. But who could resist such a superlative when looking at this:

Still haven't had enough?

Cost is 38 LBS... about $68-78 USD.

Naturally, we're all thinking the same thing: this would be a great base for a Wazdakka Gutsmek. He's need a Kustom Mega Blaster put on, and a Dakkacannon. These could replace the two side big shootas, or more likely create something to go over the top.

This model is totally unrealistic. And that's a good thing.

In other news: I put the studio Imperial Guard army on the block as individual models (you can actually buy single infantry figures and tanks):


If you buy something from the site, be sure to send me an email heads-up.

In most cases here you're paying for the cost of model and assembly and nothing for painting... or thereabouts.



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