Sunday November 2 2008 And you have burned so very very brightly...

As usual my mind is awash with ideas. Today I just don't have the mental energy to put a lot of it down.

Ex Nihilo
Government cannot "do" anything without first suppressing somewhere else first. Only enterprise, invention and WORK can create something for nothing. It is a law of the Universe. You can't get something for nothing. By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat thy bread.

On Saturday I picked up a book for my wife at the library (my otherwise puritanical spouse has an odd interest in Vampire books), I snagged "Mike's Election Guide" by Michael Moore. That was a walk on the wild side. Definitely different than my usual fare, but I think that's a good thing. It's too easy to stick with the comfortable stuff.

I'll probably write a quick review on that one for kicks. A summary: government (lots of it) is good. Things work well when socialized (eg the Fire Department) in part because they are not subject to the corruption of the free market. Mr. Moore extols the virtues of socialist-type democracies like Canada.

The weather was perfect this morning: overcast, about fifty degrees, raining slightly, and a strong wind sending waves of orange-brown leaves clattering down the lane. I took a long walk, pulling my hood back and looking up to the sky.

Today was a typical Sunday. No business. I hung out with the kids tickling my shrieking sons while watching Chowder. We're still working through Halloween candy. Tamie is burned out. Exhausted might be a better term. She stayed home and was much energized after a break from the kids and a long nap.

I had things to do this afternoon, but I've got to recharge for a long week. It's going to be a sprint from the gate starting early tomorrow.

Time is a function of mortality. Because of the nagging sense of death (which is coming sooner or later) there is time measured. If my lifespan were 1000 years, I would really be taking my time, and probably enjoying myself more! With immortality or without a person to perceive it as such, there is no time. To be in Eternity is like a frame in a game like Myst.



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