It's Chef Time

First off, I'm not going to culinary school or any such thing.

My wife is the queen of entering contests. And (apparently) winning. She won a half-day at a culinary school, and thus it was that me and four other hapless husbands found themselves making a gourmet thankgiving meal up at an art institute in Salt Lake.

I was naturally resistant at first. Why learn any cooking at all when I'm married to Tamara, who is an infinite expert on the subject. But as the day wore on, I really got into it and my stuff actually turned out really well.

I got a really cool chef's jacket, too. And we got to bring home a ton of food. My cranberry sauce turned out amazing. And brining the turkey is definitely the way to go.

So, for Thanksgiving I'm actually going to help my wife with the cooking. I'm feeling a lot more confidence.

It costs $80,000 to get a degree at this school. Ridiculous. For less than that, not to mention not working full time for free for four years, you can just start your own show on a shoe-string. I've got a pretty dim view of higher education. I think it's a racket.

More pics here.



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