Saturday November 20 2008 Fishing

I've got Dark Elves on the brain. Heeeeheeee... they are so cool.

Ever try and give a cat a bath? Well, that was what it was like to get me to go with my wife to a culinary school half-day how-to-cook thing today.

Say, that reminds me of a story. When I was a kid we had some feral cats living in the neighbors wood pile (no, not a cord of firewood, actually a giant pile of haphazard scrap wood from torn-down houses). I decided to make one my pet, so I put out a metal cage and baited it with some meat. After catching the angry, growling feline, I extricated it and gave it a gentle hug. Surely love and kindness would tame the little beast. This miniature puma clawed its way on to the center of my back and latched on with its talons. I ran inside, hunched over, shrieking for my mom and sister to help me. They fended the creature off with a broom, leaving me to clean my wounds.

More about the cooking school thing later. For the record, this doesn't mean I'm going to cooking school now. I think everyone knows what I think about paid education.

After that little shindig we headed over to Tamara's sister's house to drop something off, but ended up just hanging out for an hour. I got a call from the Bishop saying a family is moving in today.

Once back in the Ward boundaries, I headed over to lend a hand and managed to unload a size-able trailer by myself. A little Easter Island determination is all it takes! The family was also having a football party of sorts and so I headed in for some root beer and chips. I think this is the most football I've watched in my life.

Let's back up a bit. So, I'm out by myself (the latecomer doing his penance) and a moving guy says "why aren't you watching the game?" to which I replied I was the latecomer and needed to get things done. "Yeah, but you're missing out on friends and family." he replied. Well, this balding buddha in suspenders made a light go on. Sure, I don't like football, but that's not what it's about. So, I think I'm going to start following it at least cursorily so when someone asks who I'm rooting for I'll have an anwer rather than, "I don't watch that game." It's not about the game, it's about being part of the human race.

Just like fishing isn't about catching fish.

I had K come over to give me a hand, and that was some good daddy-daughter time; work ethic and duty to the community. She loves football. I got to know this new family in the ward, too. They are really great, fresh from sunny Florida, all smiling and quick to top off your soda. I was favorably impressed with the lot of them.

After that I was bushed, but I headed down to the studio to tie up some loose ends. Air Marshall Anonymo came down to check out his Marauder Bombers (pics and vid of those forthcoming). I also picked up my Dark Elf book and Warhammer rulebook for review. I can't wait for my next game. I am totally stoked. I'm within spitting distance of having 2000 pts of Dark Elves all painted up.

My wife was fast asleep when I got home. She is so pregnant and her feet and ankles are painfully swollen. When children come into the picture, love is complete.

Quthyx, lord of nature. This was in a dream I had. A man with a crown of wood and blue-green skin.



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