I haven't written anything personal for the last few days, maybe even a week.

I had a heart stress test (with treadmill and electrode-thingies) the other day and of course I am in perfect health as usual. I am not living for myself-- a lot of people depend on me, so I am keeping closer tabs on my health and cutting out more unhealthy things with every passing month.

My wife is out of town for four days on a family vacation. As often is the case I have to stay and keep the fortress running. Somebody has to keep this family in the lap of luxury. Bonus points for knowing what movie that is from. I am home with just Willow who is staying with someone from the ward for the day.

She is my little buddy. I just love that kid more than words can say. Last night she was crying at like 3am so I brought her to bed and put on Ponyo and gave her a sippy-cup of milk. I just drifted off to sleep when she open-palm b-slapped me right in the middle of the face. As I focused on her she held up her cup as if to say "hey, what are you sleeping for, shouldn't you be getting me a refill?"

She has a few molars showing through now. At this moment she is "combing" my hair saying "comb! comb!".

The studio is at the worst of all phases right now. Busy from orders and work to do but a lull in work coming in. I need to get some new projects booked. I am absolutely frustrated that I have all this manpower, and all this talent and not enough work to go around. I don't like idle hands. So, we are ready to go at a moment's notice. I hope to have most current projects completely done in about ten days, so if I order new stuff now we will be ready to hit the ground running.

I am working very hard to keep the quality up and shorten the turnaround time, as some of you may have noticed.

I've also got a lot of armies and individual lots for sale. I think the real steals here are the Tau and the Dwarves.

All the archers (x132) for the Rainforest Elves are assembled and ready to be painted. Unfortunately, they will not be ready for the game I have set up for tomorrow morning. You will be seeing a Batrep with them about one week from now.

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You asked for comments, but the comments are restricted to team members, so I thought I'd sent you my ramblings directly.... PS: always enjoy watching your stuff on youtube ;)

I love the hobby and I'm a big PP fan.

But lets take a look at my thoughts on 40K..

Great background!
Some nice models (but why is a 7'6" marine the same size as a 6' imperial guardsman?)
and some really sucky rules.

So for me its the rules rather than the silly prices that push me away from GW. I mean 40K is in its 5th edition, surely they have to have solved some of its flaws by now... we no they haven't and they keep adding more (flaws i mean).

And Fantasy is on its 8th edition... I mean come on are the rules so bad that they need to be updated every 5 years?

I can understand the 'no alternatives' policy even if I don't agree with it. But in the end I just cannot be bothered with GW any more...

I've gone over to Warmachine / Hordes, Infinity and I'm looking into Malifaux right now.

I don't have time to paint I once did and I want to play a game that lasts a couple of hours tops, so I want smaller games, with fewer minis that I can really spend time on making look good.

I'll off topic I think... but yeah GWs policies strike me as little more than greed.



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