Ogre Advice

I really enjoyed watching the battle between you and your friend John. I'am always interested in how other players play the Ogre army. I like how he ranked up the Leadbelchers, so that there frontage was as small as possible. They are always a pin cushion for my opponent in all my games, esspecially if they have played against them in the past. I will be doing that in future games.

Not really sure if putting Stupidity on his Butcher and Tyrant was the best idea. I find that the difference between having Toughness 5 versus 6 isn't really a big one, but against certain armies it might be worth it. Maybe he figured he should have it against your Treemen. Giving the Slaughtermaster the Blood Cleaver was a very good idea. However, I would have given his Tyrant the Spangleshard. One of the best magic items for a Tyrant IMO. The Great Skull was another good pick. Not sure what other items were given.

I wasn't aware of the rule that if you fill your front rank with a full command unit then you can put characters into the second rank. I am going to double check that, and if its true I may do that in the future as well.

It was nice to see him using a unit of Gnoblars. I think they are under appreciated for what they can bring to the table for 2 points per model, and his cardboard base with sprues holding it together was priceless.

Lore of LIfe is one of the most powerful spell lores, and he brought enough magic to at least give you a run for your money. He should have taken a Feedback Scroll as well as a Dispel Scroll. Feedback Scroll just screams Ogres IMO, and I have killed overconfident spellcasters with it on a few occasions.

Thanks again for the entertaining game!





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