Silver Certificates

I dream of paying my workers in commodity-backed currency.

It is technically legal to pay workers in cash. But it's not really *wink* legal according to the IRS. I get that sometimes from my accountants; "Shawn, you can do that, it's legal but the IRS doesn't like it." What happened to rule of law?

But I've found that what the IRS likes or doesn't like really does matter because they have inquisitorial power. For example: when an examiner (read: auditor) rules against you in a review, you can appeal. Who decides the appeal? The exact same examiner. It's a joke.

This system makes sure that payroll goes through the banks-- that they have that money available to inflate into debt and saddle the commoners with it.

The IRS should be abolished, the 16th amendment repealed, and the income tax replaced with nothing. This could happen if the Federal Government were half (or a third, depending on who you ask) the current size. The government should rely on tariffs and be strictly limited to its enumerated powers.

And now a few words related to the rebirth of the Republican Party. Rachel asks the right question here "will this ultimately strengthen or weaken the R. Party?"



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