Wood Elf Shooting Strategy

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Hello Shawn,

I'm not sure if you already do this but here's a tactic I've found very useful with small unit shooting armies in 8th edition:

Normally you only get 2-3 rounds of shooting, but failed charges don't move very far at all. The strategy is to move a couple of units forward from your main line to bait charges and then flee. You have to be very careful about the ranges as being caught is especially bad. But if you start near their maximum charge range there's very little to worry about. Another complication is that they can redirect and force several of your units to have to flee. Placement of your units, in this case, is key. I'm not sure how well this tactic works with wood elves as I'm not as familiar with their leadership value. With dwarves it's outstanding. They don't move that far and even if they move through an ally, none of the other units are likely to run. And they're almost certainly going to rally next round.

You can really slow down your enemy if you can manage to force them into trying to make long charges and failing. And if they go for short charges, your units are small enough to get blown through in a round. They either overrun into wide open shooting territory, or reform to face another of your units. In either case you get another round of shooting on them.
So, as you can see, while march blocking and redirecting are much more difficult in 8th edition, you can still slow down approaching armies. Having cavalry move 3-4 inches forward every turn because your target keeps fleeing is frustrating. Also, as I'm sure you can see, there are a lot of complications that come up with the strategy so you need to be very careful about placement and distance. It's not easy, but when successful it can be

Also, on a completely unrelated note (though I guess partially related to "weak" armies in 8th edition warhammer), I *highly* recommend watching OnceBitten360's Brettonian battle reports on YouTube if you haven't already seen them. I happened upon them looking for how people play the army successfully in this edition and was not disappointed.
Jason Patton



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