Power Core

Recently I've been thinking of the various army books and how 8th edition may have changed everything. It's obvious that the rank and file warriors are now the heart of the game, but I don't think that has really sunk in.

The main change is that the second rank now gets a piece of the action. For archers this means something important: reduced frontage.

When making an army, most people look at the core and think "how can I fill the minimum requirement of 25% and then move on to the good stuff?" What if that were reversed? What if you made a 2500 point army where 2300 is spent on Core units?

Armies like Skaven and Empire perhaps we think of having 100 or maybe even 200 figures. But what about an army like High Elves? What about 150 Sea Guard? I'm thinking of trying a Wood Elf army with 140 Glade Guard. They can move and shoot without penalty and have Glade Guard Longbows (S4 at close range). That still leaves room for a pair of Treemen to dish out a beat down.

And Beastmen with 200 Ungor Raiders (only using 1250 pts). Granted their low leadership means a possible domino effect for fleeing, but maybe not since half can come in as Ambushers and move around the sides.

I'd like to at least try it with proxies. I have 160 goblins done up. And the rest can be whatever.



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