Warriors of Chaos Ready to Paint

Here is an example of an army that is almost ready to paint and dirt cheap on eBay.

You could have it sent directly to the studio for painting. We can add models if needed. The great thing about this lot is that:

A) it is Buy it Now, no bidding.
B) you save a lot on Assembly since a lot of that is done. This is the real sweet spot.
C) free shipping
D) seller has a perfect rating
E) located in US

If you didn't want some of the models we would credit 50% of retail value (of the model itself) and put that towards painting.

Cost for painting is $7.50 per infantry and $14 per cavalry. Count warhounds as infantry of course.

This is a limited offer (just for this particular eBay lot if you buy it). I wouldn't wait around it's a really good deal.



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