Forge World Now In

I have about five projects waiting for FW stuff. Those are now out of the gate.

  • Khorne Daemon Prince
  • Chaos Spiked Beast
  • Space Marine MK3 armor and accessories (still waiting on shoulderpads from other company)
  • Vulture Gunship
  • R'alai
  • Broadside

I need a client who would be willing to order Forge World stuff for us, sending it directly to the studio, and willing to accept a credit in exchange for this. This would be at a higher rate of +20%. For example: you order $500 worth of Forge World stuff* that we need and we give you a credit of $600 for painting and assembly. If interested drop me an email.

We order about $500-1500 worth of FW each month.

*ie $500 is the actual amount you are charged. We will cover and expand at 20% all related charges.



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