Green Tiger

Outside the world is turning to the restless and smoky odor of Fall. The leaves are turning yellow on the quaking aspens, and my beloved rain is enveloping the earth.

Of course, I didn't hardly see any of that because I was inside most of the day watching season 3 of 30 Rock on Netflix.

Usual Sunday: hanging out in bed with my wife all morning, the kids filtering in and out. She gets up to make some breakfast. I follow her out because she looks so hot in her "sleeping attire". Then I follow her back in. Breakfast in bed.

Then off to church. Absolutely wonderful to see my fellow humans. Every lesson was uplifting. Should I even try to describe it? My fave is Elders Quorum. Fifteen guys and we can shed the orthodoxy and really talk about things.

Not much more to say than that. The boys are into this certain CCG right now and I bought a shoebox full of them off eBay. Now they are my little house slaves. For $0.40 worth of cards they will clean a room, and be excited about it. Even G. will stay in bed. It's the only thing that's worked. Well, most of the time. The other night he found a green pen and made himself into a "green tiger".

Tamie left for her home town, about an hour's drive from here, to visit relatives. Staying home with all the kids and cleaning the house (well paying the kids in $0.02 cards to do it) is my love gift to her. She loves to visit her relatives.

PS- headaches are all gone. Also, heart stress test results are back from doctor: I am healthy as an ox.



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