Menoth (Guest Article)

Get Started with Warmachine!

Looking for an inexpensive and fun tabletop miniatures game? Warmachine MKII, by Privateer Press, might be exactly what you are looking for!

Warmachine is set in the fantasy realm of the Iron Kingdoms. The game mechanics feature a magical spell caster, called a warcaster, and his retinue of gigantic steam-powered golems, called warjacks.

To start skirmishing, all you need is the rule book, a warcaster model, and a handful of warjacks. Conveniently, Privateer Press offers reasonably priced battlegroup-sized miniatures kits. Each battlegroup comes with a warcaster and his or her personal retinue of warjacks. Plus, you also get quick start rules.

You may choose a battlegroup from any one of the four major factions in the game: the prosperous and technologically advanced Cygnar, the northern Khador, the dark and undead Cryx, or the crusading Protectorate of Menoth.

Protectorate of Menoth was my choice. I enjoy their religiously devout, crusading background fluff. Although Menoth units are sometimes weaker than those fielded by their enemies, their units may be combined in synergistic ways on the tabletop— making playing Menoth rewarding, challenging, and exciting all at the same time!

Over time, you may add models to your battlegroup. You may collect additional warcasters and warjacks, or even add troop selections and independent models of amazing variety. Your battlegroup may grow into a formidable army!

Blue Table Painting is more than happy to help you get started with Warmachine troop selection ideas and painting services.

Right now, I am eyeing the new “Scourge of Heresy” Heavy warjack kit as a possible expansion to my Menoth battlegroup. Watch out, Cygnar players!

Campbell Venn

BTP Correspondent

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