Power Core Ogres


I just wanted to let you know that even though my army isn't your average rank and file. I still am going to try something that you might find rather nasty. My plan is to have a Ogre Army core unit (Ogre Bulls) that is 18 models in size. Each rank is 6 across so that the Ogres get the benefits of being a horde. I did a test with dice on this unit last night against some Dwarves with double handed weapons, and they did very well. The Dwarf unit was a core unit, and was 50 units in ranks of ten, and the unit of 18 Ogres made them route after the second round of close combat.

Here is what happens when all 18 of these successfully charge a unit. The bull charge does six strength 6 impact hits. Then every bull in the unit does all of their attacks. Without a champion that is 54 attacks at weapon skill 3 strength 4. Then they get their six stomp attacks when the combat is over. That is 66 attacks on the charge using 18 guys. Not bad if I do say so. I have eighteen Ogre Bulls and am going to use this unit on Sunday against Dwarves. I will let you know how it fares.




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