Night Sky

Last night I had a dream that I was staying the night in a cabin* in the hills east of Ashland (not my normal location for Ashland dreams). I was playing cards with Cameron and some other people that were staying there. I looked outside and noticed that the stars were much brighter and more numerous than normal. I called the others out to the grassy hill and then to the west as I made the turn around the building I saw the galactic core hovering in the sky. Then a woman noticed to the north a star even brighter than the others, I almost had to turn away. She thought it was Venus.

After we went back inside it started to rain, harder than I have ever seen rain. I went outside again. It felt like I was in the shower with my clothes on.

*it was more like a four-room hospital or recovery center with windows nearly taking up the entire wall in places, and lots of plants.



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