Crazy Witch


I headed down to the studio around 11am and Sarah was in shortly after that. We worked to get caught up, but there's a lot to do. We plan on getting in bright and early Monday morning to get it all wrapped up.

OK, that sounds like I was working, too. I was playing Warhammer most of the time while Sarah was hauling two cords of firewood.

Josh showed up and we played a 2900 pt game of Warhammer: Alchemists of Chaos vs Lizardmen. Surprise ending there; it'll all be up on Youtube later. At least the first part tonight.

We got the kids dressed up and headed out good and early. It was absolutely perfect fall weather. It had rained earlier but dried up, so there was that clean smell in the air. Leaves and clean plants and fresh rain.

But soon of the mountains to the south the sound of thunder, and I saw a storm front moving in at an alarming rate. In just minutes it was on us with slashing hail. I have never my whole life seen anything like it. The kids were shrieking as we armed ourselves with umbrellas and got into "tortoise" formation around the stroller and with heads down we charged the two blocks back to our house. There were flash-frozen ice floes in the gutters, clunking their way along in the opposite direction. Absolutely outstanding.

The catch was pretty light, but it was a family moment. All but K were laughing; she was being quite overly dramatic about the episode.

I took the kids to McD's as a treat while my wife went out to get groceries (including some good steaks for later). Right now, I'm home with a few of the kids while Tamie is out for another trick-or-treating run. Warm and dry.

And in case you missed last year's antics:




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