Gamesday Germany Coverage

Gamesday Germany 2010

Last Sunday was Gamesday Germany 2010, and I visited it with two friends. Since we live in the Netherlands and Gamesday was in Germany (we don’t get one L) we had to get up early for the 2,5 hour drive to Cologne. (2,5 hours is long in the Netherlands, the longest possible drive in the Netherlands is 3,25 hours without traffic jams) Once we arrived at Cologne and had parked the car, well my friend did, I am not allowed to drive yet. We went to the hall, where we had to pay the ridiculously high entry fee of €25,- (Gamesday figure not included, that was €12,50 on itself too).

The hall was quite big, and there a lot of people to see the amazing things that were there. There was something for everyone. We went to Black Library first, where we purchased a lot of books that still need to be released in stores, and we had them signed by Graham McNeill of course (well the books he wrote that is). In the same room were Phil Kelly and Chris Peach. Phil was there to talk about the new Dark Eldar, Chris Peach for general painting advise. I had a chat with both, and although I met Phil Kelly last summer in Warhammer World he did not recognise me.

Forgeworld and WarhammerForge were in the same room to display new and upcoming releases and to talk about them, I had no chance to talk to the man of WarhammerForge, it was too crowded for that. I did get a chance to talk with the Forgeworld sculptor but he did not want to release anything about upcoming releases. He did say that there are more necrons coming out in the near future.

After that we walked around all the display tables of gaming clubs and display cases. It was nice to see what they all made. Then there was made an announcement that Graham McNeil would give an exclusive preview of his book (which we just bought) and have some Q&A in the auditorium, we went there of course and were read a great passage from the novel “God King”. After the lecture there was a presentation of THQ and all their upcoming games.

  1. Dawn of War 2: Retribution, a stand-alone expansion, released Q1 of 2011, multiple single-player campaigns with different races for the 1st time in DOW2
  2. Space Marine: a 3rd person shooter to be released in 2011 no new facts about this.
  3. Dark Millenium online: a MMORPG to be released in 2013, by the developers of Darksiders, it looked amazing.

Of course there was Golden Deamon too, but it was way too crowded to get a good look at the miniatures, let alone get a picture.

Since we were in the basement already we thought it was time to go to Forgerworld and do some shopping. Which we did, lot’s of €’s lighter and many resin figures and rulebooks heavier we were satisfied J.

Then we discovered the stand of “Ultramarines” the movie. Which we of course wanted to see, at first I was sceptical but after seeing the presentation I surely want to buy the DVD, and you should so too, because there will be a sequel, and no money was given or will be given to GW, Codex Pictures did it all on their own, and it looked amazing!.

It was a very nice, although expensive day, we had a lot of fun and saw a lot of amazing things. I hope to be able to go there next year too.

Martijn Versteeg

BTP Correspondent from the Netherlands



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