Rain Forest Elves

Wood Elves are an old love of mine. And now that they are considered a bottom-tier army (possible the bottom-most with Competition from Brettonians), no one can complain if I manage to take them to the cleaners.

As usual, I can't just do the regular thing.

I thought about doing desert-themed wood elves, but that seemed like it might be a tad plain. I have settled on Rain Forest theme. That will be dark and bright greens to contrast with splashes of color: true red and dusky orange.

Warhawk Riders = Giant Dragonfly Riders
Giant Eagle = Hunter Dragonfly
Forest Dragon = War Toucan (or maybe a War Frog since flying creatures actually hop more than fly)

Shrunken heads
Lizardmen-type aztec accountrements and totems

I'm using Privateer Press Megaliths for Treemen, and Woldwatchers as Treekin. And I'm thinking of the new Wold Guardian as a Treeman Ancient.



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