Reinforced Ram

Though you won't see it for a day or so, I am in the middle of another game of Warhammer Fantasy with John. We're at the end of turn two and it's a real nailbiter. Crazy. We're playing Orcs vs Wood Elves. All 132x Glade Guard are all painted up, as well as the two Treemen (already done). So the next shot is a Treeman Ancient.

I... love.... miniatures battles! I'm like an addict. I just wish I could play more and get more armies. Yum. The only thing missing is to do more 40K. When the Dark Eldar come out next month I think you'll see more of that.

For those just joining the program I have four kids ages 2-11. Two girls and two boys. It is quite a a massive effort to raise four kids, but I find it invigorating. I really like them. All of our kids are turning out quite well. You really only see the baby girl since obviously I need to protect the identity of the older ones as much as possible. I can't believe my eldest is eleven. I feel like I'm in my mid-30s still.

I was watching the X-Files at the office the other day and it occurred to me that show is like soap opera for nerds. I mentioned this to Sarah and she laughed. The very next episode Scully was in a coma and we just practically laughed ourselves out of our chairs.

The last few days I've desperately needed to disengage. I just need a few hours of no stimulation. But this is not forthcoming. Sleep is the closest thing I get. But my dreams are so vivivid and energetic that sometimes I feel like I've been working all night, too. No complaints mind you, so don't slow on the inquiries. I am close to being caught up. Probably by Saturday afternoon. I've been waking up naturally at 5:30am almost every day so I just get to work and hope that I can catch a cat nap. Otherwise I just pass out at 10pm.

At the studio I have hired a new painter. You can't meet this person yet, we are still in the middle of a trial period. I must say, though, that the quality of applicant was through the roof for this round. I really have the cream of the crop, real professionals with art degrees; established artists who could be teaching art. And on top of all that the vibe and work ethic that we look for to make the studio work its magic.

We tried to get a babysitter tonight so we could go out, but no such luck. So we're just hanging out with the family.

I am working on a Warhammer Fantasy Master Army List which will be useable at the studio to make custom army lists. I think it's a great idea and worth trying out.



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