Testimonial: Skaven-tastic

Oh excellent Shawn! I'm very glad to hear that. By the way the models for the Skaven arrived today. Let me say this Shawn, there are many reasons to use Blue Table Painting for business, from the ease of ordering exactly what you want and receiving it in a timely manner to the reassurance of being able to reach you anytime to know the status of my order. But what keeps me coming back each time? The amazing work your team does on each an every model. Tell Brigh that he has truly outdone himself with these models. I now see that even my epic conversion for a Mechanical Hellpit pales in comparison to his work on that living Plague Furnace. The slave conversions were a wonderful idea, Shawn, and work so well with the theme of the army that I'm astounded no one ever thought of doing it before. And I can not stop raving about those gutter runners. Here I just thought you guys were going to take the old tired gutter runner model and just paint it up pretty. I stand by my previous statement that those gutter runners are sheer genius, and when I get more time and money I will defientely being order more of those.


[Editor: PS BTP didn't paint or build the robot rat thing, that just got in there]



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