Couldn't Stop Myself

All right folks, it's on. A new army is coming for the studio: Dark Elves.

The new models are just too cool. They are already on order or being assembled variously. The list is very balanced, with lots of different types of models weighing in at 2,000 points or thereabouts.

Dreadlord on Cold One 1
Dreadlord on Chariot 1
Sorceress on Dark Steed 2
Assassin 1
Warriors 10
Dark Riders (box of 5 models) 1
Black Ark Corsairs (box of 10 models) 2
Harpies (Chasme- flying spiders) 10
Cold One Knight 9
Shades (box of 5 models) 1
Black Guard 20
War Hydra 1
Reaper Bolt Thrower and crew 2



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