Stonemarch Session 05- Battle at Berrack's Field

This week I decided to put the fourth edition rules to the test and have a battle royale.

The party returns to the fray to the south of Winterhaven, in the farms and fields. Tarvis dumps Delphina with an old farmer coot in his "kobold bunker". "They said I was crazy to build it, but who's crazy now, heeheehee!".

There were no less than fifty models on the board. I decided to put to good use the forty or so skink models (which I'm using as kobolds). They were looking really good:
24 Kobold Minions
12 Kobold Dragonshields
3 Kobold Skirmishers
1 Spitting Drake
1 Macetail Behemoth
Overpowered? The heroes also had on their side:
8 Human Minions
3 Human Guards
And of course the four Heroes!
It was a close one, but the heroes prevailed. If you're under 0 HP you roll every turn to see if you are getting deader or staying the same. On a 20 you actually get back up! After a brutal beating, Renn's Dragonborn Fighter finally went down, but stood up the very next turn! It was astounding.
There's more to come...



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