Stonemarch Campaign Session 01- Pyre of Jathor


[This is the first session log for my miniatures battles D&D game. My goal is to run six sessions then take it from there. I have already painted about forty figures for it! Most of these are Warhammer Fantasy figures which will be for sale later.]

The party of three travels north to Winterhaven to meet up with their old mentor, Duven Stahl. One member of the group, the warlock, is missing. On the way north, a farmer named Tappy and a merchant named Horkus joins up with the group for security. During a Kobold ambush, Tappy is nearly killed and his son dragged off.

The Kobolds jump on Tappy and seem to be threatening him, and demanding something in their croaking alien language. After slaying all their attackers the party recovers two small orange gourds of what turns out to be flame retardant.

Upon arrival in Winterhaven the group is in time for an all night vigil and a the morning cremation of Jathor, a local hero. They then find out that Duven headed out a week ago to poke around for an old Dragon gravesite. Two locals provide a map to the site. He is four days overdue.

Pyre of Jathor

  • A local hero named Jathor Brightfeld is being cremated in the public square just before dawn.
  • His kinsfolk are clad in deep blue and have stayed up all night in vigil to mourn him.
  • Local cleric does a spell to make the pyre burn with a pearlescent flame.
  • Women, including his wife and her two sisters, and his young son, look on.
  • The women of the town throw on paper birds of white and blue that are caught up in the heat pillar and fly up into the night sky.
  • A captured Salakha is tied X-ways between two stakes. It croaks in it’s creaking language. But no one understands. The warriors have driven nails into its joints and cut off its tail. At the conclusion they ride off with the creature in tow and drag it to death.

    Stonemarch Dramatis personae

    Duven Stahl
    The former town wizard of Winterhaven and the mentor of the six heroes of the tale (four have come back to town). He is a portly guy, but not fat, and has a square face, white hair (shorn short) and thin blue eyes.

    Half-elf that helps out at Wrafton’s Inn. Drew you a better map to the dragon gravesite. She keeps wildflowers in her hair.

    Eilan the Old
    Crazy old whittling coot, neighbor of Duven Stahl. Drew you a wiry map to the dragon gravesite.

    Sir Jathor
    A slain Warder of the town. He has a single child, Dathon, who is ten years old.

    Jathor’s older half-brother is Lord Padraig the Second. They share a mother; Ninarin.

    Sir Jathor’s wife and mother of Dathon, her only child. She is an accomplished huntress. She has chiseled features, paper white skin, hardened ice blue eyes and white hair in a single long braid down her back.

    Wife of Lord Padraig I, the lord of the vale. She is stoic, but quick to smile, moving from cold to warm in an instant.

    Sir Jathor’s son. He has blonde hair and a bowl cut. His right leg is missing from an accident on a woodcutting expedition when he was four. He is an outdoorsy child and loves to play with animals and is often seen about the keep riding a goat or a sheep with a wooden sword.

    a white-haired portly man with small black eyes. He is armed with a crossbow and a shortsword. He keeps a pet ferret with a weak bladder

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