The Emperor's Hawgs

I have in my possession a 2300+ point army consisting entirely of bikes. They are partially assembled.

Here are some still pics. Note that these are all in varying stages.

Now the painted figure is the ONLY figure painted and is just a sample of what could be done.

They could be painted as White Scars or Ravenwing or better yet a variant of Ravenwing. There is a LOT that could be done with this army thematically. A whole lot.

If you take Sammael as an HQ then your bikes count as TROOPS. Under fifth edition this makes for a very fast moving army that can zip around and claim objectives with the best of them.

And watch how fast any object vaporizes when six attack bikes with multi-meltas home in.

The special here is the materials are 90% off if you set up the order before Friday July 18th.

  • Materials $80
  • Painting $988
  • Assembly $568

Download the spreadsheet breakdown here.



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