Stonemarch Session 04- The Rescue

In the pre-dawn hours a massive tribe of kobolds comes out of the east forests under the cover of a heavy fog.

The party hurriedly assembles with the warriors of the village and plans the defense. They are respond to the call to rescue four villagers that are impaled (but alive) on trees with sharpened branches some 400 yards southwest of Winterhaven in a thicket called Taylor's Wood. They leave through a series of aqueducts under the village (in my version, Winterhaven is on a grey-stone mesa), a hidden exit and entrance from the city with a branch that comes up in a side-cellar in Wrafton's Inn.

The party arrives and a mutual ambush ensues. They drive off the kobolds, and capture a sub-chieftan. A wyrmpriest runs off into the underbrush and Tarvis the Insane (an elven ranger) charges in after him with Uletsabe in tow (as well as, oddly, one of the victims a half-elf named Delphina armed with a nightgown and a shortsword). We play this scenario later, where he is barely successful but manages to come back alive with the loot.

They head back to the city, passing a battle in Berrack's Field between several cavalry and a Macetail Behemoth. They pass this by, taking a breather in the secret entrance to the aqueducts. Then they return to the main battle.

PS- I started this session with "Big Girls" by Mika and a scene where Tarvis the Insane wakes up with a walrus-like barmaid.



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