D&D 4E question

When rolling damage from a weapon you "Add the ability modifier specified in teh power description."

Does this mean that you add your Dexterity Modifier to damage from a bow?

I am also generally confused about "Ability Modifier". Is it just the base you get from the stat OR base plus half level?

If you answer this, can you give a page number, please?


Anonymous said...

See page 17 of the PHB: "Your ability score determines an ability modifier that you add to any attack, check, roll, or defense based on that ability. For instance, making a melee attack with a battleaxe is a Strength attack, so you add the ability modifier for your Strength score to your attack and damage rolls. If your score is 17, you're pretty strong; you add +3 to your attack rolls and damage rolls when you make that attack."

Blue Table Painting said...

So, you only add your half-level when explicitly asked for?

Does this apply to damage? Does a fourth level fighter add +2 for half-level to his damage?

Anonymous said...

no the 1/2 level bonus only applies to any "checks" you make (e.g.: skill checks, attack rolls, initiative) as well as your defenses (AC, Ref, Will, Fort). The reason for that is simply that other than equipment or the occasional feat there really is no way to improve these rolls. Now as you level you become better at all of these.

As for damage you only add the ability modifier which is defined by the chart on page 17 (top right corner). On page 276 under "damage rolls" it specifies it again what's included in weapon damage: "Add the ability modifier specified in the power describtion. Usually this is the same ability modifier you used to determine your base attack bonus for the attack". This is where people get a bit confused as you DO use the + 1/2 your level for the attack. HOWEVER, now flip to page 274 and look at "attack bonuses". Attack bonus is clearly defined as 1/2 your level + your ability modifer. So there is the clear distinction between attack rolls that include the 1/2 level and damage rolls that don't.

Damage usually only increaes through equipment and through better encounter/daily attacks. Considering hitpoints increase not by much every level that only makes sense.

Sorry for the novel but I hope this helped )


Blue Table Painting said...

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a bit of confusion as well. I hope you don't mind my posting the question on your blog.
I've got a ranger with a bow.
Nimble Strike does 1 [w] + Dex modifier damage.
Twin Strike does 1 [w] damage

Does that mean
1) you add a 2nd Dex modifier to Nimble strike (seems unlikely)
2) don't add a Dex modifier to Twin strike (seems unfortunate and contradictory)
3) and what about other damage bonuses like Prime Shot? Does that +1 damage get added to either of these, both of them, or something unfathomable.


Blue Table Painting said...

You can't do Nimble Strike and Twin Strike in the same action. They are each a power that requires a standard action to activate.


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