Thursday July 3 2008 Cool It

Picture: One of my favorite Reaper models.

First off, you won't hear any more Politics for a while. I started a few great threads this last week and that's plenty. Those interested I'm sure are following somewhat attently.

Second off, some of you may remember my beloved Lions Rampant army. I had about a hundred infantry painted up for it, but they were not cohesive and I was generally not satisified with how they turned out. Soooo, I got rid of all of them (and at a steal of a deal I might add). This week I've ordered a new set of Kasrkin, which I love dearly (both the models and in the game).

When I play IG I go with the Grenadiers doctrine and take about 40 storm troopers. They've hardly every let me down! With the advent of the new edition it's really time to pump up my Imperial Guard with a lot of troops.

Aaaaand, I'm still percolating the Wyches of Thoth army. It all makes sense. The only thing I have to figure out is how to represent the Discs of Tzeentch. I want to do something super special. Oh, wait, I think I got it. OK, problem solved. Ooooh, just you wait and see.

In other news, we had a "staff meeting" this morning. ie we played D&D 4E. As I've said, I think it's the best miniatures battles game ever. It's smooth, easy to learn and full of little tricks and finesse. Very smooth. It has the most ultimately fast resolution of any game. There's a class of monsters called "minions" that have ONE hit point. So basically one roll determines the whole outcome. But since there are so many of them, they play a tactical role. Of course, most creatures are more complicated and have other options. Yeah, it's a smooth operation.

After that, Angela came by and turned in a Dwarf army. One of the heroes was deformed so we had to build one from scratch and paint it. I found this really cool OOP model and we tricked it out with some good conversion work. There were a few other items to address as well. We set up a time for Paint Fest this month, too, which is held at her house.

What else? I have an assembler in to pick up slack this week. Just a week or two. His work is good, but he's slow. Not slower than to be expected. That's really helping us get caught up.

Everyone is gearing up for the Fourth of July. My Inbox is really slow. I will be in the studio from 11am to 3pm to tie up some loose ends.

PS- I hope no one gets me wrong about government and taxes. I really am grateful to live in the US. I lived in South America for two years, and not in a hotel, but in a regular house and moving and working among regular folk so I've seen the other side... the downside of no regulation is that people live in crap-shackle houses, for example.

PPS- I advise any reader of this blog to be polite and thoughtful in your comments. Don't use profanity or impugn me for evil motives. If so, you won't be welcome here. I work too hard to endure any grief.

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Anonymous said...

Theres a guy on youtube that has a blog that made a great disk of tzeench for his chaos lord. his name is redxgamer. Oh and another idea is one i came up with and that useing the old warhammer ghouls as tzeench herald.

Just trying to be helpful.


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