Stonemarch Session 02- Dragon Graveyard

Duvan Stahl

It is Springtime...

In search of their mentor, the party leaves Winterhaven following the Old King's Road ten miles southeast where they turn on to a hunting trail going northeast. This turn is marked by a local landmark called the "green foot" a huge stone covered with moss. Uletsabe tells the tale of a colossal struggle between a local hero and a mountain giant. Or maybe it's just an oddly shaped rock.

In a deep ravine they indeed find a mass of draconian-type bones, hidden beneath the canopy. But digging there are a few dozen savage mountain men; the Ulari. They are digging. There is a steel cage in the middle of it all. Without investigation or diplomacy, the party attacks, slaying them to a man.
They find that Duvan has been captured. Once freed, he reveals to them that there is a four foot stone block, directly below the cage itself. Below are spiral stone steps, leading down...

Duvan’s Tale
There are two tales that have led me here. As you recall, Jathor son of Padraig is my fast friend. He and I survived being stranded in a flood a few years back. While on that miserable rock, the storm raging overhead he told me something passed from father to son. He said that a wiser man than himself should know it, and would wisely keep it to himself until the right time.

Seventy years ago there was a keep, north of Winterhaven. It was kept by Sir Keegan, the lord of the vale. He had a wife named Joria. For many years he faithfully kept his charge, but time and his own flaws of character clouded his judgment and he took a mistress. When the mistress became pregnant, Joria lured her into the woods and cut the child out while she was still alive. As Eleya lay dying she blessed the child, that it would bring back the keep to its honorable state.

I believe that this tale goes even deeper, that with the passing of the dragons (some say the Netherese) they placed various keeps and entrusted noble humans. Some say they are blessed of Bahamut himself. This is in keeping with the Lord of the Vale title now held by Padraig.

It is this, and various other findings, that led me here. I think this is the resting place of one of the guardian dragons. And it might hold the key to the agitation among the various enemies of Man in the region.



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