Friday July 4 2008 Apples of my Eye

Picture: Solomon Lok. This is an Inquisitor that meets an unpleasant end in the Anphelion Project (a rule- and source-book from Forge World). See more pics.

Imagine a sandy-haired boy, page-cut, about three in flourescent orange trunks (no vest, floaties or other gear). He goes to the deep side of the pool, gets on the diving board. He walks confidently to the end, raises up both hands and begins to count.

"Fourteen, Eighteen, Seventeen, FOURTEEN!"

He jumps!

His little body sinks about three feet. Little bubbles trail downwards. Then he struggles to the surface.

"Go way daddy."
"I can do it!"
"Daddy help!"

I reach out for him and guide him to the edge of the pool.

This is how my son Griffin is. He really grabs life by the nose-ring. Other than the near-drowning, repeat this twenty-six times. That was our experience at the Ward Fourth of July party. And a lot of good food! Tamie and the older kids went to Stadium of Fire to see Blue Man Group. They had a blast. I, for one, was glad to avoid traffic and crowds and spend the afternoon with my young son. We had a great time.

We ended the night watching about ten episodes of chowder, eating cheese and apples, and finally I layed in bed with him, watching locals light fireworks through the window.

I spent hardly any time at the studio. Materials came in: a bunch of Tau mostly, but also a set of Daemons. Things are caught up in shipping and digital photography. Packages are going out on Monday.

I also took the kids to the local game shop. I picked up a bunch of figures for the D&D game. I am ever so excited! I will be painting them over the weekend. Among others I got a Rhinodon (from Hordes) and a few Reaper figures. I even found a perfect one for Uletsabe, a warrior type female with a long single braid down the back. Good fig. You'll get to see them all

I highly recommend their inks. If you're not happy with the new GW stuff (not saying they're bad, just not really the traditional colors) that's a good place to go. You get more ink for the money, too. Plus they are in droppers. Very helpful.



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