Tumbleweed Houses

Here's an interesting idea. I was thinking at one point about six months ago, what would it be like if I rounded up like eight of these, each with a different purpose. They could be moved at a whim.


The idea was to build these one by one every few months in my back yard, the buy some land and then own it all. Because right now I own like ten square feet of my home. I'm a squatter on bank property. It bugs me.

I've abandoned this idea since then. But if I were a single guy I would totally build one of these. How much could the materials cost?

Does anyone know what the law is? Assuming it is not put on a solid foundation, can you just part this on your undeveloped property and live in peace?

Needless to say, my wife hates this idea.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your wife!

Unknown said...

Whether it would be "legal" or not would be up to your local building inspector. As to how much they cost, on the website for these happy things, were prices ranging from 30-50K. But they all seem to be on wheels, so they'd be portable. Didn't see anything about utility connections either.

I'd have to go and agree with your bride on this one Shawn. Perhaps you could pitch one as a private "painting studio"?

Blue Table Painting said...

What I'm trying to figure out is if there needs to be an inspection at all. Is there a point where you're free to build what you please? If I put up a tent in my back yard (or a shed) does an inspector have to come out?

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps you could pitch one as a private "painting studio"?"

Might be bigger than your one room BTP studio. LMAO


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