Stonemarch Session 03- Shrine of Sune

The intrepid heroes enter a subterranean complex below the dragon graveyard. They are ambushed by various undead and defeat them. They solve a puzzle involving to large quartz obelisks and a leaden door with a spiral on it.

They find an ancient Ulari stone monolith in a deep cavern, but are unable to decipher it. Loose end.

The end up in a chamber of pale green stone, like a cathedral where they meet the demi-goddess Sune Firehair, a consort of Bahamut. She marks them in their right hands as champions of mankind; there are seven total. A darker power has marked nine ab-human champions. After Sune departs they find a portal that leads to the forest ten miles northwest of Winterhaven.

Items of note:

  • Arck and Brack form an adventuring company.

  • In the chamber of green there are seven sets of robes and slippers. Loose end.

  • The party picks up an enruned plate that activates the portal.

  • Arck and Brack are marked in their right shoulders.

PS- for those that haven't noticed, I weave in elements as I see fit, from lots of different sources. The official story in the published books represents mis-information that the heroes might have heard!

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The Hammer said...


I love the D&D campaign updates. I've been having difficulty assembling a group in my area to play, so I live vicariously through your group's exploits. I look forward to the next one, and could you post any pics or videos of your sessions? That would be a great added feature?



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