July 19 2008 Necrons v Khorne

Today, I gave my Dragons of Moloch a spin this afternoon against a 2000 pt Necron army, painted and fielded by Thomas, a BTP artist.

The Dragons of Moloch are for sale: $950 for 2200 pts. That's a super deal by the by.
PS- I sold the Questing Knights. They are gone. Sad. But I'm happy for the new owner because that's a real nice set.

Here's a list:

All that plus ten more Berserkers.

I am using the funds to seed other projects. After this I will be down to one 40K army: Lions Rampant Imperial Guard. What do I have planned: the Wyches of Thoth 9as I have nagged all of you copiously about) and Lizardmen. I painted up a whole gaggle of skinks for my D&D game (I'm using them as kobolds) during Paint Fest yesterday (which was a striking success).

And as many D&D figures as I can stand.

So, pretty much a few long days this week bought me a Saturday of luxury with pretty much everything caught up at the studio. I'm putting off a few things until Monday, though. Slacker!

I am very much enjoying life. I'm reading a book of inspirational stories. Sort of a "chaser" for Barack Obama's book (review forthcoming). I went to the Pioneer Day Parade with my kids this morning. We were in it!

And this evening I pushed the boys on the swing while my wife grilled up some succulent salmon on the grill. It was amazing. She also made a side of fresh tomato, basil and some kind of white cheese.
Right now, I'm staying up late with all three kids watching Pokemon. My heart is full.

Blast from the past. I grew up in a tiny two bedroom home in southern Oregon. We had a pot belly stove. Every morning around 4am the house would be ice cold and I'd get up and bunch in crumpled newspaper and some split kindling. As the black beast heated up I would curl up on the carpet nearby, lulled to sleep again by the huffing flames and clink clank of expanding metal. The cats would come in one by one and curl up with me.

I didn't realize that we were dirt poor. I was so happy. And that's the key.
When I moved to Medford and lived in the Plum Street House with my room-mates ($250 a month rent split three ways) it had central air using natural gas. I thought I was in heaven. They called me "Bahamas Gately" because I liked to set the thermostat at 104.



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