Sunday June 6 2008 Reasons I Shouldnt be Alive

Hey all, it's open mic Sunday.

When I was a senior in high school, my buds and I went to Port Orford for spring break. We played a lot of D&D and rode around on ATVs. We stayed with the grandfather of a friend (Chris A.) who had an impressive sea-side house.

Chris had this idea that we should get to this small, private beach. But we would have to navigate a cliff face. He explained to us that as long as we kept three limbs in contact with the cliff face that it was impossible to fall off. Well, duh, that made complete sense.
So it was that at age 17, seventy feet above the angry surf and jagged rocks, toes gripping on to a six inch ledge that I looked down and realized, "Blaaaargh! I'm mortal!"
I now challenge all blog readers to one-up me with your tale of why you shouldn't be alive!


Anonymous said...

When I was a freshly graduated senior, myself and three close friends went to a local swimming spot called Gleason Falls. It's a natural waterfall under a 200 year old bridge, and it's outstanding. However, after a good rainfall, the fall generates a pretty sizeable undertow, and when I dove in, I was caught in it.
I was battered to the bottom, where I propelled myself above the surface to catch a breath of air. I was sent right back to the bottom. I didn't panic. I set myself quickly again, and launched out of the water, and when I surfaced, I screamed for help. I'm a good swimmer, but I knew I was in trouble. Immediately I was battered to the bottom. Within seconds, another swimmer was next to me, and he and I grabbed hands, and we clawed our way along the bottom until the undertow let us go.
This entirely random person hadn't been there when we arrived, and once I was out of the water, explianed to us that he was an Australian lifeguard on vacation here in NH. He left almost immediately after saving my life. Where he came from, how he knew how to get to Gleason Falls.. no one knows. But I'm thankful. True story.

Paulo said...

May 1999,E.P.I. Mafra,the army´s training camp where i was doing my recruit.

I was rappelling down a cliff and sudenly i felt something strange with the rope...someone yelled to me to stop and to grab to something. Obviously i grabed myself to some rocks and roots...i stayed like that for like 30 minutes,i thought that it was like some kind of test they were doing to me. Anyway,when i touched the ground,they told me that the rope snaped and was entangled in some bushes...i laughed at the time.

A month or so later,i was in my bedroom thinking in that,and my legs started to shake and i fell down on the ground.

I think that the higher powers still had some purposes for me to fulfill :)


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