Thursday July 17 2008 Staff Meeting

Other than a few emails, everything is caught up at the studio. That's a really good feeling.

Today, I got to the studio early and got everything caught up. Then to my daughters birthday party. She is nine years old now. I can't believe it. My wife is really good at setting up games and decorating the old-fashioned way. My kids are having a really good childhood thanks to her.

The we did D&D, fourth session and a lot of fun. They are all 2nd level now.

Tomorrow is Paint Fest. I'm super excited about that.
At this moment I am watching Star Trek: Enterprise with Tamie. She is glorious in her opulent pregnaciousness.
Aaaand here's a quick update.
The following projects are due out of Painting in the next 4-10 days:
Inquisition 02 RT death korps
Empire 01 EC
Fantasy Figures 04 PM
Ulthwe 01 AH
Steel Legion 01 ES basilisks
Sisters of Battle 01 CS
Dark Eldar Blood Bowl 01 FC
City of Nurgle
Vampire Counts KS board ext.
Winter Eldar 01 PP display board
Greenskin Spirits extension
Dark Elves 01 JC dark pegasi
Daemons 02 PH
Black Templars 01 JY
Aliens and Ducks AK
War Machine 10 BF trollbloods

The following projects are due to be out of Assembly by July 22.

Aliens and Ducks AK (going under the brush right away)
Chaos Daemons 01 RY
Daemons 02 PH
Greenskin Spirits extension
Tau Verdaan 02 MM
Tyrion 01 AC
Flyer Bases AS
Emperors Champion BS
Biel Tan 01 CH
Imperial Guard 01 SM fw tanks (already assembled and looking great)
Dark Elves 01 JC dark
Orks 01 RR
Vampire Counts 02 LG
Dark Eldar Blood Bowl 01 FC
Empire 03 KO
Inquisition 03 RT
Ultramarines 01 MN
Bretonnians 01 JJ
As usual I am completely willing to communicate promptly with you. If you don't see your project, please check in.



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