Sunday July 20 2008 Near Death Experience

Tonight, while out on a walk with my wife and Griffin, the young lad of three was pretending to transform into the various alien heroes from Ben 10. Transforming into Heat Blast he proceeded to run out into the road in front of a car, and striking a heroic pose (as if shooting a flame blast at it), ordered the car to stop.

Which it did.

After the car cautiously passed by him he struck a variety of ninja poses, calling out to the car and saying that it could never escape Heat Blast.

Rewind to this morning. Still picking away at the salmon and Caprese salad we had a lazy Sunday morning. The EQ presidency came by and we updated the home teaching list.
Also, Tamie made some strawberry ice cream from fresh ingredients. It was the best ice cream I've ever had.
At church we sat in the foyer, on the couch, which we do when we are late and no one is using it. Best pew in town! Better than the metal chairs in the nose-bleed-can't-get-to-church-on-time section.
Sunday School lesson was about Korihor. Enlightening as always. It's a time for me to get out of the routine and clear my head. I like to bring a blank sheet of paper and write down my ideas.
While preparing for my mission, I came across this article on Countering Korihor, one of my favorite articles.
Once home, I had a rejuvenating nap, and then spent some time with each child. I find family life very agreeable. The kids often irritate me, but are mostly an absolute delight. It's a wonder to see them getting older. Tamie is a rotund hippie mama, now starting to waddle a bit. The baby is kicking now. She is 18 weeks along and in the groove of pending motherhood.



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