Tuesday July 29 2008 Thermo

Picture: a Steam Dwarf from Rackham. I loved these models and painted up a whole bunch many years ago. I wish I could get more.
Game Land
We are proceeding apace on all projects. There are three projects in digital photography, those should be through tomorrow (Tyrion, Fantasy Figures, and Black Templars).
I have a bunch of figures coming through for D&D. I'm being smart and looking forward to resale. Today it was ghouls, hounds of khorne (used as hellhounds!), two nephilim from Hordes, and a dark elf hydra. The studio Dark Elf army is almost half collected. They will be doubling as Drow down the line.
In fourth edition D&D a single Drow could wipe out a party of low-level adventurers (well, maybe a few Drow.

The Hounds of Khorne are going to play a dual role in the Wyches of Thoth army.
The following slots are open for Painting (assembly is wide open-- things can get immediate attention):

August 11-18: One Slot

August 18-25: Four Slots

August 25-30: Eight Slots

These are steadily getting filled. I am laser beam focussed on getting them filled up before July 31. Maybe I'll get a day off!
By all means contact me if you'd like something done.

Family Land
We went to play miniature golf for FHE last night. Griffin grabbed a low lamp and burned his fingers really badly. It was tough to see him suffering last night, but after tending and comforting him for some time he finally nodded off and had a good night's sleep. He was feeling much better this morning and running around like a baboon all day today. He has four large blisters, one on the tip of each finger. That light was hot as an iron (we have resolved the matter with the proprietors of the establishment, by the by).
My wife is making apricot jam, a yearly ritual. During the year we use it to break the ice with new people who move into the neighborhood. She brought home like two laundry baskets full of apricots to make it from, and yet the boughs are still laden.
I had a bit of a revelation today: I think my progress in life is just about right for my age. I need to stop my hand-wringing. Life is good.
I am going fishing with Jonah later this week. I'm looking forward to that.
Oh, a PS about Griffin's burnt fingers. He keeps that hand tucked away in his pants leg (not on his crotch mind you), but he looks like a little Al Bundy running around the house.
We had a family from the ward over for dinner. This was the same family who watched our kids while we were at Adepticon. I don't know if I told you this back story, but when I went to pick them up the mother of the family told me that Jonah and "Kimball" were kissing. My first question, "Is Kimball a boy?" Thankfully, no, sparing me that particular conversation. Just this absolute cute button of a girl. Well, we put an end to that (as adorable as it might be), and evidently Kymble was crestfallen when told the rule would still be in effect for today's visit!
We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and salad. You know, typical american fare. Boy, I could go for another grilled hamburger right now.
After dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood, a temperate and overcast summer day. We ran into a variety of characters from the ward.


arrowacks said...

Your stance on homosexuality being...?

40Kfag said...

His stance on homosexuality being... well, let's hazard an educated guess.

He's LDS, soooo... homosexuality is a choice, a terrible terrible immoral choice, one that only leads to degredation, depravity and distance from the one true light of the Holy Father blah blahblahblahblah.

bluetablepainting said...

I think your characterization is unkind and dismissive. You've taken a world religion and reduced it to "blah blah blah". If I were Jewish would you have done the same?

I spent a lot of time reading up on this matter at the college library and elsewhere and it's a topic that is... complicated and volatile.

I am choosing at this time to not get into this, but I'm sure if you stick around it might come up.

40Kfag said...

My characterization, be it unkind and/or dismissive, is simply based on experience and history. If you were Jewish, I'd have a similar response, because orthodox Judaism has a similar position re: homosexuality.

Are you telling me, as an LDS member, you condone/support people who lead a homosexual lifestyle? I know for a fact that homosexuality is simply not tolerated by the LDS church, that it is seen as unnatural and/or immoral, and so I feel I can safely assume that you have the opinion your religion has given you.

I'm noticing that, when pressed for a viewpoint on 'delicate' issues, you usually don't offer anything resembling a viewpoint. That's your choice - after all, it's your blog. But - a simple admission / explanation of your opinion might make these diatribes unneccessary.

bluetablepainting said...

40Kfag: Thank you. Your response seems reasonable and measured, and I appreciate that.

Very well, I'll tell you what I think.

First, I am a Mormon, and to some extent I am "given an opinion" as you put it. The LDS view is widely available (I'll post a link on that later).

However, I have done a lot of studying on the matter and I have my own viewpoint. I did a number of research papers on this subject while I was in college circa 1995. My college professors didn't like them very much.

I like to approach this from the view of sexuality in general. I think human sexuality is malleable. It is an iron strong impulse that can be imprinted starting at an early age. There is a biological element as well as a social one that are sometimes at odds.

Politically, I think that certain human traits should be protected, such as race. These traits are protected for a reason; they are immutable and identifiable. So, for example, smoking cannot become a protected class. I think as a society we should be careful where we go with making sexuality (in general) a protected class.

Both items so far hinge on the issue of free will.

With regards to gay "rights" I see there is a struggle going on. I see it as a conflict between religious freedom and sexual freedom. I worry if I will be forced to accept a viewpoint that I oppose-- the government being used as a bludgeon to force one groups will on me. I wonder if my son will write a research paper arguing against gay rights, and then be sent to the office after school for "sensitivity training" (read: re-education).

Having said all that, I think the solution to all of this lies in the Libertarian philosophy: that neither group should use the force of government to enforce its will absolutely over the other. One size does not fit all. States should be allowed to address the matter as they see fit.

It's not a perfect solution, but I think

So, personally I do not support measures that are designed to stamp out "gay-ness" (eg gay marriage?) using the tyranny of the Federal Government. Likewise, I do not think that the Feds should force private organizations to accept something they can't accept on principle. People shouldn't have to renounce their religion to satisfy someone else.

Am I *allowed* to have my view on the matter without fear of persecution or prosecution?

I don't think this is a perfect solution, I just think that both sides should find some common ground and pay some mutual respect.

40Kfag said...

I can better understand your position, and I feel you're justified in wanting what amounts to a 'live and let live' policy.

Bringing up the strife between religious freedom and sexual freedom, I think, hits the proverbial nail on the head. I think there are intolerant proclamations coming from one side of the argument that (to me) don't seem to be reflected from the other side.

I.e., most western religions (that I know of) claim, to some extent, that homosexuality is immoral, unclean, etc. Most homosexuals (that I know of) do not claim that religion (in general or specific denominations) is destructive or false.

So, From one side I hear dogmatic proclamations of condemnation of sexual freedom, and from the other side I don't hear comdemnation of religious freedom.

A vwey wise man once said, "Show me a religion that doesn't point a finger at a group or type of individual and say 'they are bad/wrong/immoral/damned,' and that shall be the religion I choose."

bluetablepainting said...

Thank you. That's some good input and definitely food for thought.

I guess there are various forms of "condemnation" as I see it:

1) That which is legislated and enforced by fine and/or imprisonment.

2) That which is legal but socially condemned.

3) The "afterlife" kind of condemnation.

For example: some people have given me books on the evils of Mormonism, that I will have a little of #3 in the next life unless I renounce. I don't give that much weight because I don't think it's true.

I've read some books that talk about natural law-- that there is some deep and immutable underpinnings to the universe that cannot be broken without repercussions.

Oddly, my perspective is that there are definitely intolerant proclamations coming from the gay rights camp. Here's one, just off the top of my head:

Same interview but longer: http://newsbusters.org/node/9037

I'm not going anywhere here. Just a few more thoughts.

I do, however, believe that it's possible for people to get along. It's a big country. I don't think it's possible to get it all your/my way.

For me, this is one of the appeals of Mormonism, that at the core of the cosmology is not a fight of good and evil, but of freedom of choice, responsibility and coercion. God gave man his agency, to choose for himself, but also to suffer the consequences, and if he would repent he could be redeemed.


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