Wintery Fresh- kind words are so nice to hear

Dear BTP,

It has been a week now since receiving my finished Winter Eldar army. It sits idle in my display case with lights a glow the green canopies and light fades with the blue to white on the wings of my beautiful flyers. I’ve had a few people ask me about it already, “Wow, what are those?” my typical response are “just my minis”…. Now my response is “My army with which I will take over the world”. Anyways, people are already praising the paintjob and the unique color choices and style. The Army really flows well, the colors through out just Superb. That Green Glow of the Prisms and Canopies reminds me of Absynthe. So yes, the army is intoxicating.

I can not believe how quickly the process was, shipped and less than a month later it was done. I applaud Shawn’s Selling skills and ability to brainstorm to death over the telephone leaving the client … wanting more and more. Great Job! And to whoever packed my army (the shipping crew?) packed it really well. HolyMoly- it took me 2 hours to unpack the army and there was only 1 item that separated in transit (nothing a 1/8th brass rod couldn’t fix).

Lastly I would like to thank the Artist on this job, I asked for a congruent army, seeing as I haven’t been able to paint one myself for 10 years, and you did a fantastic Job. Leaving the artist up to choosing the palette and going with that flow I thought I was putting my life in some else’s hands, luckily his reputation speaks for itself and he did a great Job. Your creativity and originality really makes the Winter Eldar Skyhost 01PP a perfect example of what can be done by BTP. Congrats on a Job well done. I hope you have continued success for many years to come. If you could imagine I am already putting models aside for the next installment.



Sarah Trike (mamamabelle) said...

Blue Table Painting,


I love the fade of blue/white on the vehicle. Great job Shawn. How did you get the paint so even? Did you use an airbrush to get the effect? Also, I meant to comment earlier on the brown/tan Scorpion. Love it!!! Have you stopped using glaze?


Blue Table fan,
Sarah Trike

bluetablepainting said...

Well, certainly that effect is not painting with a brush! We still use glazes, yes, but they are only one tool in a wide arsenal of techniques. I've found that artists keep evolving and trying new things. How can we get the best effect? It takes a lot of practice and trial and error.

Havohej said...

Is your lack of a definite answer to her question your indirect way of hinting that you, in fact, didn't paint the models... and don't, in fact, know exactly how the effect was accomplished?

I think it's terrible that you're getting praise for a paint job you had nothing to do with.

bluetablepainting said...

havohej: I think your assessment of the situation is premature and without all the facts.

First, I maintain that it's my business and I can run things how I please. However, I will explain: this particular artist has requested that I maintain his anonymity.

I don't like to explain our techniques sometimes because it's nobody's business.

If anyone is even remotely familiar with my operation knows that I have many artists on staff.

Lastly, I put the comments up publicly (or in many cases forward them to the artist) so that he or she can see what is being said about his or her work.

bluetablepainting said...

PS- I guess the issue I'm having with your comment is that I'm not getting praise (at least not directly or personally) for work I didn't do. I'm not getting praise at all. This client wrote this understanding that I didn't do this project.

Everyone involved with Blue Table is part of something larger. We paint, convert, or even blog or take out the trash for the "glory of the dojo".

Havohej said...

"This client wrote this understanding that I didn't do this project."

Then why did she say, "Great job Shawn. How did you get the paint so even?" etc. These sound like direct comments to you, not to the nebulous artist in the shadows, or to the studio dojo in general.

All in all though, I agree - really nice work there.

bluetablepainting said...

Oh, OK, now I get it! I think it's a matter of semantics. I am certain the client for Winter Eldar knew from the beginning that I wouldn't be painting his army personally. When he says "you" he must mean the plural like "you guys".

Now I see how it comes across like I'm taking credit for the work.

Havohej said...

Indeed. But I'm not talking about the client - I'm referring to the msg. from Sarah, and the comments in her post.

Sorry if that wasn't clear to being with.


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