Saturday July 12 2008 Simmering Pot

Hey all. As usual, my mind is brewing with ideas. But more on that later.

This blog is the story of a man's journey. I hope you get something out of it. It's mostly business, just like my life. I hope to put up more about the other people involved in the near future.

The idea for the Wyches of Thoth army is fully formed in my mind now. The army concept is bases around the wyches themselves; powerful sorceresses who summon various daemons. These are Heralds of Tzeentch on disc. I plan on using 60mm flying bases as an extra large disc with a cluster of tentacles underneath and curved and modified large tyranid scything talons to give the general appearance of what is now known as a disc of tzeentch.

The Wyches will be based on dark elf witch elves.

The rest of the army will be mostly tzeentch daemon types, with daemon princes (no soulgrinders), and some other daemon types sprinkled in for tactical reasons. I'm very fond of the Fiend of Slaanesh models.

A problem with most themed armies is that they collapse under their own weight. They are too complicated and expensive. I've found it's best to start with cool models then make the army fit around that.

The best thing is that they can do double duty in my D&D game!

I picked up my 5th edition 40K rulebook today. It's too early to make any comments, and I'm sure this is covered extensively in other forums. Besides, who wants to hear my opinion?

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arrowacks said...

I do! So don't hold back when you have finished reading it...


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