Saturday July 26 2008 Soaked

Picture: a Wargods of Aegyptus Khemru by I'm a huge fan of these models. They are very, very nice.

Game Land

So, what's new at the studio? We are caught up. Well, I don't mean all the projects are done. Everything is proceeding apace and the studio is clean, organized (eg all the bitz sorted, pics taken etc.). It's a good feeling.

We're still some projects short for August:

August 4-11: One Slot
August 11-18: Five Slots
August 18-25: Eight Slots
August 25-30: Eight Slots

I have a single painter with no work to do and it is really bothering me.

I have ordered some Legion of Everblight models to use in the D&D game. I'd like to say a few things about fourth edition D&D. It's a great miniatures battles game. It easily converts to non-grid without really any thinking at all. And it is a ton of fun.

One of the things I like best are minions: they go down in one hit, just like in the movies. It is very satisfying to run them and also to beat the crap out of hordes of them.

Another thing is that Hit Points are now more like cinematic stun damage. You can get your "second wind" once per battle and heal up 1/4 HP without any healing spells. The bottom line is that it keeps PCs in the game and makes other things more important like "conditions" (eg stunned, dazed, immobilized). Basically, the creators of the game just made is more abstract and more fun. It worked spectacularly.

Our group is painting like 20-40 new figures a week for the game. I am doing this with an eye for sale-ability down the line. I want to be able to use then in a game of Warhammer Fantasy, too.

Speaking of which, I threw down the gauntlet for Mike's Orcs. I'm working steadily on the studio Dark Elf army. Models for the Witches of Thoth (40k Daemons army) are coming in on Monday.

I am still looking to sell the Dragons of Moloch. I have also sold almost every model in the studio. Out with the old and in with the new. You'll notice that the For Sale section of the website has been all but completely cleared.

Family Land

With things in hand at the studio (other than lining up projects as much as I would like), I am able to actually spend some time with the family.

I went to swim lessons with the kids this morning. Griffin is having trouble standing in line as usual.

This evening we went to a swim park at a neighboring city, but lightning in the distance forced the pool to clear out no less than two minutes after we got there. The kids were ever so disappointed, so we crashed a friend's house to use their pool. That was quite a special time; giving the children "turtle rides" and throwing daddy into the deep end. The kids are happy, healthy and confident.



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