Wednesday July 30 2008

Picture: a Death Korps of Krieg model. Part of this balanced breakfast. This is a complete line of models from Forge World.

It's a slow news day in Game Land today. Pretty much just catch up. The bitz wall is all sorted out, which is unusual. Think about it. With an army a day coming through that's a lot of extra pieces. So we make a lot of money on that, right? Nope. It's actually a monthly expense to get it all sorted. But we keep it because it allows us to do really cool conversions on your projects.

Also, we are now taking terrain projects. Cost is $200-400 for a densely packed table (that can also regularly pack two tables). You set the budget and set broad parameters.

August is close to being filled:

  • August 18-25: Three Slots
  • August 25-30: Seven Slots

1 Comment:

Daniel said...

nice, I always loved death korps of krieg but I dont have the money also check out my blog


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