Wednesday July 2 2008 Slow News Day

This is a great example of a themed army. It's called the Hounds of Khorne. The client called me and we talked for perhaps an hour. I am a storehouse of information on various model ranges and we finally figured out what would work. It helps a lot if we can go outside the range (eg in this project we used figures from both Privateer Press and Rackham).

I am making some preliminary sketches of my Wyches of Thoth Chaos Daemons 40K army. Basically it's three or more heralds of Tzeentch on disc (based on dark elf wych elves) and a ton of Tzeentch Daemons as well as some other types sprinkled in there, notably Fiends of Slaanesh. I just love those models, they are out of sight. I've always been a secret devotee of Tzeentch.

Specials: I am still running the Vampire Counts Core-tastic special-- $2.75 each for painting basic troops at L2 (dire wolves, too!). If you dig down a few posts I still have that rockin' deal on VC materials. I still have all that.

The Phantom Titan is shaping up. It is quite a wonder to behold.

I would also LOVE to paint some Daemon armies. Not many of those have come through. If you were interested in a Khorne army I would do a deal on that.

I was up until midnight typing last night, but managed to clear almost every last item from my Inbox. That was a relief. My wife and I watched some Great Debaters movie (or somesuch) with Denzel Washington. That was all right. At that moment, somewhere else in the country there was a government worker sleeping soundly, having got off work at 5pm sharp; snug in his little jammies with health and dental coverage. YOU'RE WELCOME!

This morning (yes, I'm jumping around) the family headed off to a local pond, but I headed to the studio. Now, I know I should have taken off with them. My dirty little secret: I really didn't want to go to the pond.

As most of you know, I've had a sort of political awakening recently. Here are some random thoughts:

  • I don't know if I'm a Libertarian. But it sounds like it. Right now, I just think that 40% taxation is too much.
  • On principle, I can't get on board with the "tax the rich" thing. Everyone in the US is rich by international standards. It's wrong to take from them by force and redistribute what they have created.
  • When you buy, say, a gallon of milk, a certain percentage of the cost goes to the Income Tax paid by the company that produces it.
  • I soundly reject the notion that the government can "do" anything without taking something from someone else. There's no such thing as a free lunch.
  • Income tax is similar in effect to a labor camp. I work three months a year at the government labor camp. How can I call myself a free man?
  • It is my will as a citizen that the government ONLY do the things that they are supposed to do and NOTHING else.
  • I do not think that corporations are virtuous and good by nature. Corporatism is not desirable either.
  • Dispersion of power is generally good. Concentration of power... usually bad.
  • Here's the best one: when you create something, you have invested part of your life into that something. When you are taxed, you are having part of your life taken away. The life part Life and Liberty doesn't refer to the firing line, it refers to what you create with your time and work. Taxation pre-supposes that the State owns part of you.
  • BTP paints about twenty armies a month. The government carts away four of them.
  • I do not encourage anyone to fail to pay their taxes. I pay mine. Everything above board. I encourage you to chafe at your bonds.
The following projects are under the brush and due to be finished around July 10 (there may be some delays due to the July 4 holiday):
Dark Elves 01 JC dark pegasi
Chaos Daemons 01 PR
Winter Eldar 01 PP er
Emperor's Children 08 EB (expedited)
Tau 02 SL
Phantom Moon 01 JB
Hell Talon 01 NG
Emperors Gauntlets 01 SM
Grey Knights 01 ED
Ghost Warriors 05 AS
Vampire Boyar JB
Chapter Masters 02 JS
Vampire Counts KS board ext.
Tyranids 02 FL display board
High Elves 01 GO +prep
Aliens and Ducks AK
Ulthwe Skyhost 01 JB locked
Greenskin Spirits 01 JF
Dwarf Slayer Pirates 01 KO
War Machine 10 JL +assembly

The following projects are in Assembly and due to go under the brush in mid-July:
Zombie Dragon CP
Black Templars 04 GM
Ultramarines 07 TO
Greenskin Spirits 01 JF
Ghost Warriors 06 AS phantom
Slayer Nids 01 JP
Bretonnians 01 JJ er
Biel Tan 01 CH (yes, sooo late)
Fantasy Figures 04 PM
Inquisition 02 RT death korps
Legion of the Damned 02 MN
Menoth 13 GQ
Warhammer 01 WS bitz



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