Saturday June 5 2008 Pure Indulgence

Hello all. I took a day off today. No calls, and just a few emails.

First order of business: I took off to the mall with my eight-year-old daughter to pick up a few books. I found "The Audacity of Hope" by Barak Obama. I love hardcover books, way worth the extra money. My first thought as I picked it up was, "This is way bigger than I thought it would be." After an eye-roll and a chuckle I took all the copies of "Revolution" by Ron Paul and put them face out on the display; my little act of guerilla warfare in the cause of liberty.

I also picked up a second copy of "Revolution" since my first copy is almost always out on loan. I loudly recommended it at the front counter. Loud enough for the whole store to hear.

At the grocery store on the way back I picked up two watermelons and some burger fixins.

By the time I arrived back home Tamie's sister was there with her kids and we had a fabulous fourth of July celebration with plenty of meat and fireworks.

I also brought home about seventy figures (mostly night goblins) for the D&D game. I just plowed through them without mercy, trying new techniques and colors without regard to rhyme or reason. For example: a green glaze on top of a deep flesh then highlighted with a mix of green and deep flesh. Crazy.

I painted up a Rhinodon from the Hordes game. It's a good model, very original, but I can't get away from the idea that it's a Pokemon: Rhinodon evolves from Rhinoplex evolves from Herpesimplex.
I ended a fabulous and un-productive day watching Balls of Fury with my wife.



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