40K Campaign in April

We're starting a studio 40K campaign in April. Since we call the shots within our own four walls, this is the rough draft of special rules for army composition:

40K Campaign Notes



  • Shas’o selection makes up to two units of Battlesuits Troops choices.
  • Shas’el selection makes up to one unit of Battlesuits Troops choices.
  • Selection of Ethereal gives Fire Warriors Fearless
  • Selection of Fire Warrior unit on Foot makes up to one unit of Sniper Drone Team a Core Choice.
  • Fire Warriors on Foot have Targeters (+1 BS) and EMP/Photon Grenades standard (no cost).
  • Shas’ui for Fire Warrior unit on Foot has Bonding Knife and Multi-Tracker standard (no cost)


  • Grey Knights squad can take a Razorback as a transport. May exchange TLHB for TL Psycannon at no cost.
  • Purgation Squad can be taken as an Elite choice.
  • Inquisitor Lord makes up to two Orbital Strikes a Troops choice.
  • Grey Knight Teleport Attack can be taken as a Troops choice.


  • Phoenix Lord selection makes that type of Aspect Warriors a Troops choice.
  • Warp Spider death spinner is now a template weapon, assault 1.
  • Warp Shining Spears can turbo boost and still shoot or charge.
  • Spider jump generator second jump is 12”. No dice roll.
  • Vypers can go all-out and still shoot.
  • Swooping Hawks have Sunrifles standard.
  • Aspect Warriors can take a Falcon as a transport.


  • Selection of two Necron Lords makes Pariahs and Immortals a Troops choice.
  • Tomb Spyder unit can be taken as an Elite choice.

Witch Hunters

  • Selection of Canoness makes Celestians Troops
  • Sisters of Battle (Troops choice) have Krak and Frag grenades standard (no cost).
  • Retributor Squad can be taken as an Elite or Heavy Support (but not both).

Kroot Mercenaries




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