Cocoon of Bliss

Church is bright and early. I woke up this morning and first looked around for any natural light. Is it 3am? 10am? I found it was 7am and just a little peace and quiet before the family needed to get up and start getting ready for church. I remember when my wife and I were at our wits end just trying to get Kay (nine years ago just a baby) and ourselves ready. Now wrangling all four kids into Sunday dress seems like a cakewalk. Just got to get used to it I suppose. I know a family, just round the corner, with nine kids.

After church I snuggled on to the couch under an extra thick blanket, with three pillows around me, my computer on a table pulled up close, my headphones in, the mouse in my hand, and an episode of Red Dwarf on youtube. It was a moment of bliss. Just perfect. The kids were quietly playing round about.

I just love my family. My wife is so warm and inviting and forgiving and accepting and nice-smelling. My kids are a delight at every turn. Kay is a responsible and helpful young lady. She's a whiz with the baby, really lightening the load.

Add in some good food, and you've got a recipe for contentment!



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