Nurgle Army for 40K on the Block

Cost for Deathguard army: $1650 can be ready to ship (two-day delivery approx. in US, can ship overseas). Contact with questions and/or to check availability. Limit: one.

Gallery One
Gallery Two
Gallery Three

Here's what's included:
1x Custom fitted case
1x Winged Nurgle Daemon Prince
2x Defilers
1x Land Raider
1x Blight Drone (FW)
3x Nurgle Dreadnoughts (FW)
4x Rhinos
3x Obliterators
28x Plague Marines as follows—
16x regular weaponry
4x meltagun
4x flamer
4x power fist

You can also get 11x possessed (one of which could easily be a Chaos Lord) and/or a Chaos Space Marines army book at no extra charge on request. OR you can get a $100 credit towards an expansion on the army.

This is a solid competitive force with plenty of unique conversions. It will be thoroughly inspected, repaired and touched up before shipment.

I highly recommend this army. It's a good deal.



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