Pirate Cove

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I spent a lazy morning with the family. There was french toast left over from Paint Fest so we ate that. I cooked breakfast with K. The boys came up forthwith and we all ate together then played some Wii.

I headed to the studio with J. for a half-day of work. I got mostly caught up. That'll be nice for a more relaxed Monday. We're still underbooked for January. Ready to set up anything!

Saturday evening we went to this pirate-themed restaurant called Pirate Island. It was amazing. The whole place was done up like a pirate cove complete with caves, a bayou (?), a pirate ship (huge), and a twelve foot tall stone skull with flames in the eyes. That kind of stuff. There was a moment where I was alone at the table eating with Willow in peace. That baby is so mild and happy. She just slouched way down in her stroller and chomped away happily on anything I gave her.

Our server looked just like Heath Ledger.



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