You Could Say I'm a Dreamer

I'm not a happy camper. The Federal Government is off course in my estimation.

Here's what would make me happy:

1) Free the Slaves: repealing the Income Tax and replacing it with nothing. Imagine: no April 15. US citizens lived without it for 100 years. My money is my business. No audits. No fear. And all the money from my business would go into the lives of the workers. It would also free up a lot of time otherwised used in record-keeping and hiring accountants. Tax accountants would be then freed up to pursue more productive lines of work.

2) Limited Government: reducing the size of the Federal Government by 75%. This could be accomplished quite easily by reducing our presence overseas. You might think this is a drastic reduction, but consider that the size of government has DOUBLED in the last twelve years.

3) Honest Banks: the complete abolition of the Federal Reserve and the associated fractional reserve banking system. Full reserve banking only-- it's honest and reliable.

4) Live within Our Means as a Country: a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to stay within budget: no printing money and no borrowing money. Tax if you need to, and let us feel the pain... if you dare.

5) Sound Money: competing currency. Competing currency should be allowed. Commodity-backed currency. Now, you are forced to use dollars, even if they are declining in value. Commodity money can be redeemed for something physical. It has a set value. The dollar used to be commodity money-- it could be redeemed for gold.

Just thinking about it makes my heart swell with happiness. I don't want to be some crank that's always griping about stuff. However, all of these things are positive in nature.



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