Wall of Ogre Meat

Today I played a game down at the studio against a local guy with an Ogre Kingdoms army. The game was a draw. It was tough. I took a Level four sorceress for my Lord choice, put her in a unit of Dark Riders (with Pearl of Infinite Bleakness so they wouldn't panic and carry her off the battlefield). And a second level Sorceress.

So, on the first turn, one of the Butchers eats the "Hellheart" which causes enemy wizards (ie mine) to miscast on any double. And to use the Ogre miscast table. I figure "how bad can it be?" and proceed to roll the Supreme Sorceress's first spell. Double fours. OK, on to the miscast table with a result of a "1".

The Supreme Sorceress blows up in a hideous shower of steaming meat. Then each other wizard on the board takes d3 wounds no saves, exploding my other sorceress and the butcher who used the Hellheart. And putting three wounds collectively on the other Butchers.

It was brutal. That racked up 550 VPs in round one. All in all a tense game. BLACK GUARD!

Also, Rhinox Riders are awesome! Definitely run at least two in your list.

The Ogre book is the worst-written of all the WHF fantasy army lists. It's pathetic. It's narrow, it has confined builds, and anything good in the book is hamstrung with limitations (eg Ogres cause one impact hits but only if 6" plus away on the charge). We have Ogre Kingdom House rules:

  • Ogre units (ie that have a minimum unit size of 3+) are Stubborn. Ogres are too hungry, ornery, or bone-headed to run away.
  • Ogres get an impact hit no matter the distance of the charge.
  • Ogres get d3 impact hits each if over 6" away.

It's a start. And makes Ogres a lot more fun to play and preserves/enhances the character of the book.

For someone who wants to play the underdog army Ogres are definitely for you. The way to go it to run three butchers, in my estimation. The ogres really need the buffs to stay in the fight.



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